Candidate Promise

Human Capital Talent recognises that delivering the best candidate experience possible is key to our success, our clients success and is, in any case, a moral obligation to those who trust us enough to take the time to engage with us regarding our clients career opportunities.

We have established the following principles to make up our candidate promise, as a core  part of our day to day processes:

  • All client career opportunities and associated requirements are defined accurately and fully on our website.
  • All candidates unsuccessful for a role at initial application stage will receive a written notice within 10 days of application.
  • All applicants with the appropriate qualifications for a role will receive a detailed  role profile, prepared by us,  outlining the nature of the opportunity, the history, the background, the culture, the expectations, accountabilities and expected results related to the role.  This will be provided by us in advance of any interview.
  • All our selection interviews will include an initial discussion on the organisation, role and context as it relates to candidates career aspirations.
  • We will select on both capability and on the principle of mutual added value (applicant career development and client requirements for delivery).
  • All interviewed candidates will receive both a written and verbal feedback on reasons for non selection for short-list or hire.
  • Any candidate entering the offer stage can expect a close and detailed support, up to and including  offer negotiation, discussion, contract review and on-boarding.
  • All applicants will receive an on-line satisfaction survey to provide feedback on the services they received as part of our application process.
For all assignments, we seek to understand not only the candidates capability to deliver in a role but also, how a particular role will add value to their career development, work interest, cultural preferences and future aspirations.  We will invest time in understanding these areas clearly to ensure the best service for both our clients and candidates.

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