We are experts across the complete resourcing technical portfolio, with a proven track record gained delivering for global, complex organisations.

We have a proven track record across recruitment strategy, consulting, process, operational management and executive search.  Whilst we bring a comprehensive technical strength, our ability to deliver recruitment related change in complex environments have added significant value for our clients.  Some examples of projects are summarised below:

Banking – 4,000 staff

Design, develop and implement a direct recruiting delivery model from a legacy admin driven function.

Retail – 30,000 staff

Initiate, make the case for change , design develop and implement a supplier solution for 10 million hours of temp labour across 11 businesses in 300 locations.

Insurance – 15,000 staff

Develop a valid and consistent global employer brand across 67 countries.

Retail Bank: 5,000 staff

Develop a validated on-line psychometric assessment model for customer services and contact centre staff.

Food – 120,000 staff:  

Design and develop a regional  recruitment SLA, metrics and stakeholder engagement process covering 22 business in EMEA.

Insurance- 15,000 staff:  

Dedicted search consultant to work with the Chairman and Management Committee to identify top talent on a global basis.

Process Engineering- 20,000 staff:  

Case for change, organisational sign-off, design, develop and implement a  regional in-house engineering talent direct sourcing capability.

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