Interview Coaching

Regardless of whether you are a recent Graduate, a Senior practitioner, Manager or Director, failing to understand the nuance of the interview process can seriously disadvantage your chances of success.

I know this first-hand. As a former Head of Recruitment at Royal Bank Of Scotland, Cargill and Willis Towers Watson, Cisco Systems and others, I developed the graduate and experienced hires recruitment and selection programs used by tens of thousands of candidates at all levels.

As a practicing Headhunter and Consultant on corporate recruitment strategy, I regularly see high quality candidates miss out on job offers while candidates of similar ability and experience excelled in their interviews and walked away with the job. The reality is the candidate who receives the job offer is typically the best-prepared candidate who uses interviewing strategies that set them apart.

How can we help?

We help our clients understand the key areas of corporate culture, interview structure, competencies & behavioural assessment that drive success in interviewing for a position. We help you prepare for structured and non structured interviews though a combination of education, interview practice, feedback and coaching.

We tailor the emphasis of our sessions, around a common core, to support all levels from Graduates going for their first positions to Senior Managers and Directors interviewing for new roles externally or promotion internally.

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