VP Quality Assurance
Job Reference RC366
Location Dundee
Job Type Permanent
Job Sector Financial Services
Date Posted


Fantastic greenfield opportunity to define and lead the development and deployment of software quality assurance  technology, tools and processes on a global basis.

This role Directs programs, procedures and frameworks that support a culture of quality across all levels of the Global Software Development. As a member of the Global Software Development Leadership team, the VP Quality Assurance is responsible for defining and implementing quality standards and frameworks, which will be applied to all global software development activities.

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities:

· Leads, develops and is accountable for an organisational approach and commitment to quality assurance.

· Ensures that quality assurance processes and activities are robust and based on industry best practice.

· Develops and executes quality design and quality assurance strategy for new product development and sustaining business activities ensuring that it is appropriate and effective in meeting customer and business needs.

· Considers the implications of emerging technology, approaches, trends, regulations and legislation.

· Plans and resources the organisational quality assurance activities.

· Monitors and reports on quality assurance activities, levels of compliance and both organisational and project risks.

· Reviews and analyses results from audit activities and identifies improvement opportunities for the organisation.

· Sets the quality strategy and policies for approval and adoption by organisational management and secures commitment to it from operational leadership.

· Determines the extent to which the quality policy meets the organisation’s needs and objectives and reviews it as necessary.

· Establishes an organisational quality management system that delivers the quality strategy.

· Plans, resources and monitors the performance of the quality management system and an internal quality audit schedule.

· Defines and reviews quality systems. Ensures that adequate technology, procedures and resources are in place to support the quality system.

· Determines testing policy, and owns the supporting processes including software testing, automated testing, performance testing and security testing.

· Oversees the management of all testing activities across a number of software development projects and activities.

· Manages all risks associated with the testing and takes preventative action when any risks become unacceptable.

· Assesses and advises on the practicality of testing process alternatives, including automated testing.

· Initiates improvements to test processes and directs their implementation.

· Assesses suppliers’ development and testing capabilities.

· Determines project testing standards for all phases, influencing all parties to conform to those standards. Manages client relationships with respect to all testing matters.

· Look for ways to help the team improve their processes and tooling and take ownership for delivering on some of the agreed improvements

· Keep abreast of key industry trends, methods, strategies and skills

· Mentor, coach, and train all team members in all facets of quality assurance

Minimum Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:

Extensive demonstrable experience of:

· Delivering quality standards/frameworks, defining and implementing testing processes, tools, and methodologies

· Functional software testing (both manual and automated)

· Security focused testing

· Testing Enterprise software that is designed to be highly available and that may have many enterprise software infrastructural components that need to be setup to support it (e.g. clustered database systems, load balancers, message queues, etc)

· Using Test Case Management Systems and maintaining content within them throughout the lifecycle of the associated project / product

· Working in cross-functional Agile software development team

Desirable skills and experience:

· Knowledge of ATMs and Self-Service technology

Personal attributes:

· A passion for quality assurance and a keen interest in building upon / creating new processes & frameworks that help make a team more successful

· A driven and self-motivated individual who can push forward and complete tasks without the need for supervision

· Influences policy and strategy formation.

· Demonstrates clear leadership. Communicates effectively at all levels to both technical and non-technical audiences.

· Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

· Ability to work well under pressure and meet tight deadlines

· Excellent verbal and written communication skills

· Methodical and excellent attention to detail

· Ability to work independently as well as in teams with strong interpersonal skills

· Ability to communicate with, and support, team members with varying levels of experience

Behavioural values

Embodying our culture and values demonstrating professional acumen, integrity, discretion, credibility and trustworthiness

One Team:

· Promotes compliance with relevant legislation and the need for services, products and working practices to provide equal access and equal opportunity to people with diverse abilities.

· Interacts and collaborates with people effectively to enable the team to succeed together.


· Creates effective relationships with clients, customers, employees and all stakeholders in our business,

striving to do the right thing through words and actions, demonstrating credibility and transparency.


· Strives for excellence through setting and maintaining high performance standards.


· Embraces change with courage, aims high, sets big goals, and challenges self and colleagues to deliver

ambitious plans, decisions and effective execution.


· Continually challenges the status quo and looks for ways to make things better.



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